Case Studies

Example of our Services

  • Case Study – Upgradation of an existing Evaporator Station

Our client has a Beet Sugar Factory processing 4,000 tons of beet per day for 110 days per year, with Evaporator station providing the following performance based on Diffuser Juice having Brix of 13º and Draft juice at 115% Beet.

  • Brix of thick juice – 40º
  • Steam Consumption – 110 t/h

He set us the task of upgrading his station to provide the following performance;

  • Brix of Thick Juice – 65 – 70º
  • Steam Consumption – Less than 35% on beet.

After implementing our proposed system changes, the following performance was achieved from the upgraded Evaporator Station with same feed conditions i.e, Diffuser Juice Brix of 13º and Draft juice at 115% Beet.

Brix of Thick Juice – 65 – 68º

  • Steam Consumption – 65 – 70 t/h
  • Capacity – 4,500 TBD (see note below)

Note – the upgraded Evaporator Station was designed to allow future expansion of the plant to 6,000 TBD without any additional investment.

Net savings from the upgradation project

  • On account of Fuel Oil – 64 tons per day
  • Cost of Fuel Oil for Boilers – 148 USD / ton
  • Number of operational days – 110

Total saving on account of Fuel Oil: 64 x 110 = 7,040 tons x 148 USD / ton = 1,041,920 USD per campaign.

Our client was also able to eliminate his Water Treatment Plant due to the additional amount of Condensate Water exiting from the upgraded Evaporator Station. The savings on account of this – 1,900 USD / day x 110 days = 209,000 USD per year.

  • Total Saving in one Campaign – 1,250,920 USD