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Sugarcane / Beet: Allow us to help you grow more... much more

Farmers are facing multiple problems

This century sees the world’s agriculture face even tougher challenges. We have less water, less land and an increasing population – plus urbanisation. And on top of that we have climate change and global warming.

In short, we have to grow ‘more’ for ‘less’. Not an easy remit, but one that is certainly do-able. The real trick is to realise that whatever it is we are doing today, it’s unlikely that we’ll be doing the same thing tomorrow. Our knowledge must continue to broaden and our techniques continually improve.

Farmers are facing multiple problems

To meet these ever-increasing demands we need to address them with an integrated approach. We need to monitor complex interactions between seed, soil, irrigation, fertiliser and pesticide; all the way up to machinery, labour and the variable climate influences.

We not only show farmers how to maximize their recourses and get the highest yields, we also remind them of their social responsibility and consideration for the next generation.

There is no one, single solution, but rather, a variety of different ‘on-farm’ management styles that lead to an improved cropping system that will always be based on best-practice principles.

    All aspects of sugarcane, sugar beet and other sugar crops including…

  • Agro-climatic monitoring
  • Improved planting techniques
  • Integrated water system management
  • Pest, disease and weed management
  • Soil health and plant nutrition management
  • Landscape and biodiversity management
  • Crop production and harvest management
  • Ratoon management
  • Machinery efficiency
  • Workplace health and safety process management
  • Farm business management

A simple process

It starts with soil analysis, moves on to harvesting and, when we’re finished with that, can take care of the transportation to the factory and ensure the refinery process is efficiently carried out.

We work with growers to develop training modules, teach better management practices and, of course, achieve higher yields.

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