A genuine desire to make your company the very best it can be

Customised training

Because we’ve been in the business for so long and we offer so many different services, it means we have an exceptional grasp of the needs of the industry – and its personnel.

We felt that it just wouldn’t be ethical to sit back and do nothing with this knowledge when it could actually help so many people. So we decided to create a series of tailored training courses with the objective of simply ‘making companies better’.

Your organisation consists of everyone from administrators and salesmen, to plant workers and engineers.

We’re sure that all of them are making a valuable contribution to your organisation, otherwise you wouldn’t employ them, but have you ever thought how simple it could be to increase their productivity?

For everyone

We can discuss a bespoke plan to train individuals or whole departments. You might already have a very good idea of what exactly needs addressing, but before you start writing it down as gospel, contact us for an in-depth chat.

We can develop personal skills, customer service, plant installation and even offer weekly classroom training. The weekly training works hand-in-hand when we’re involved in full project development and it forms a valuable communication bridge between other members of the team.

Questions get raised during the session and the answers are broadcast to every individual working as part of that project. People are better informed and know exactly what it is they are meant to be doing.

It’s an invaluable communication tool as well as being an educational one.

    All aspects of training for sugarcane, sugar beet and process technology

  • Agronomy
  • Harvesting and mechanisation
  • Sugar factory principles
  • Sugar factory practices
  • Sugar process technology (cane, beet and refining)
  • Cane, beet and raw sugar handling and preparation
  • Diffusion, milling and imbibition
  • Juice weighing, heating, clarification and filtration
  • Evaporation
  • Massecuite: pan boiling, crystallization and exhaustibility
  • Sugar: centrifugals, quality and refining
  • Sugar chemistry
  • Analysis of sugar and sugar products
  • Boiler water analysis
  • Laboratory equipment and maintenance
  • Energy: steam production and electrical generation
  • Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and automation
  • Maintenance
  • Allied projects: ethanol, animal feed, distillery, fertilizer
  • Environmental science
  • Human resources development
  • Information systems development

If you think you may need some training, no matter how big or small, get in touch with us today. There’s a lot we can do to make you better than your competitors.