Turnkey Sugar Factory Businesses

From concept to construction. The complete project – delivered!

Providing expertise for all or any stage of a project

Along with our globally recognised partner consultants we can provide a complete ‘turnkey’ business solution to individuals looking to invest in either Brownfield or Greenfield opportunities.

It means that we can take care of the complete process from design and build to feasibility studies and logistics. We can even provide complete sugar industry training and project management at any stage of an existing project to ensure its successful fruition.

Fresh thinking

Our decision making is based on approaching every development with a fresh pair of eyes and never thinking that there is a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Experience and dedication has taught us that every project has its own unique set of challenges.

Our ability to face them with clarity and strategic thinking means that our clients don’t get bogged down with problems but, rather, gain useful insights into seeing how they are overcome. Our remit is to create or assist in creating complete turnkey businesses that provide profit and sustainability for the long-haul.

A partner that knows the pitfalls

There can be huge consequences to mismanaging even some of the basics in the industry. For one, the availability of beet and cane sugar can be enough to put an operation out of business before it’s even got off the ground. We guarantee that your infrastructure will be rock-solid and enable you to gain the kind of competitive edge that other companies work years to achieve.

    Our expertise enables…

  • Modern and energy efficient factories
  • Investments that yield high returns
  • Environmental and sustainable infrastructures
  • Reliable, single source supplier
  • Secure project planning

Keeping it simple with one supplier

Synergy is ‘key’ to the efficient set-up of any project and by appointing us you’ll not be dealing with multiple organisations or representatives.

Our equipment integration and planning means that plant infrastructures perform at a higher level and, in turn, yield increased returns. The combined technical expertise and superior quality plant is implemented to nothing less than a world class standard.

Get in touch to learn more about turnkey solutions, or to discuss the feasibility of your project. We’re looking forward to helping you.