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Guiding our clients through diversification

Did you know that the sugarcane plant is one of the most promising agricultural sources of biomass energy in the world? Amazingly, cane and beet harvest processing can produce 8 main products and by-products, with the further possibility of 150 co-products which are potential raw materials for the extractive, chemical and biochemical industry.

Can you see how you might be missing out on something very lucrative? We are at the forefront of technology evolution in this industry and, as such, are well placed to meet the demand for more effective processes.

By working together, our clients enjoy the benefits of new revenue streams, new markets, and better, faster, production methods.

Outsourced or collaborative

We can team up with you in a number of different ways, but there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

We’ll find the one that’s right for your organisation and then get to work on turning what you’re currently considering as waste, into a range of useful and profitable products.

This approach to manufacturing has taken us way beyond just sugar. The output of each process becomes the input of the next, until the final by-product is reached. It’s ingenious and is revolutionising the industry.

New markets from particleboard and animal feed to energy and fertiliser

Everyone is aware that household consumption of sugar is the dominant market, but in recent years the possibilities for sugarcane by-products and co-products have gained increasing interest.

Products such as the fibre from bagasse provide a highly effective source for producing useful materials such as particleboard and paper or cogeneration of power. Molasses and filter cake are essential elements in the creation of animal feed and fertiliser.

The juice and molasses can be used as feedstock to promote the production of ethanol.
These are just some of the things we can currently make, but we are always looking at ways to increase the possibilities of this incredibly versatile plant.

Allow us to show you how to power your factory efficiently and gain new revenue streams in the process. Speak with one of our experts today.