Project Establishment

Every person you’ll ever need to know in the sugar industry

Let’s start from the beginning…

So you and your associates have made a bold decision and decided to enter the sugar industry. It’s a great move, congratulations!

Perhaps some of your consortium are already highly experienced and have been working in the industry for some time. However, if that’s not quite the case, or you are in need of a little extra expertise, we are here to help.

What you are trying to achieve is no easy task but, undoubtedly, the rewards can be quite staggering. Allow us to get involved right at the early stages and cement your path to success. We have a range of project management and consultancy services and are one of the leading players in the business.

Or build on what you already have…

Maybe you are already up and running and are now looking to either streamline your operation, modernise or expand. We think you’ll find our expertise absolutely invaluable because we know exactly how to incorporate an existing plant system into a new one.

Our approach is to be at the leading edge of the industry, which means you’ll benefit from the development of new energy concepts, as well as advanced, intelligent systems. Your factory will be cost-optimised, low on energy costs, low on maintenance and a leader in the market.

To learn more about how we can help you, get in touch or find out more about our turnkey businesses, industry statistics or integrated projects.