Helping factories

The secret of a factory ’s success is...

It’s quite simple

There’s a very true saying in the sugar processing business. It states that the secret of a factory’s success doesn’t lie in making the sugar, but rather, not losing it. This is because cane and beet are responsible for creating the sugar in the first place; therefore it’s you that has to extract it. This, of course, is all part of what we can do to help people just like you.

We design and supply processing equipment and complete plants for sugar and refining from sugar cane and sugar beet. This also includes: co-generation, ethanol, animal feed, fertilizer and other by-product and co-product industries. From field to bagged sugar – our services cover every single stage of the production process.

Our 35 years experience ensures that when it comes to helping organisations set up or expand their plant facilities, our attention to detail and in-depth knowledge makes certain that success is not too far away.

Want to establish a new sugar refining plant?

You need quality, efficiency and know-how.
There’s so much that we can do to get you off to a great start and even more to make sure you stay great. We know the term ‘innovative’ is so easily bandied about but it really is one of our main drivers, because it’s always aimed squarely at being efficient. This doesn’t negate being ethical, or sustainable – they are both elements that go hand-in-hand. But we take a ‘big picture’ approach to all of the projects we become involved with and this means that no part of the process slips under the radar.

We have a clever integration and re-cycling process that ensures minimal waste and turns the salvageable into the usable. These by-products can be sold, or used to help actually power the plant itself. The point is that minimal waste helps to ensure maximum profit.

Need to expand an existing one?

If you’ve been in the business long enough, you’ll probably agree that the industry has become tougher in recent years.

We’ve seen escalating raw material and energy costs; vast variations in the quality of cane and beet and growing demand for consistency of quality in the final product.

These are all challenges that, if they go unmet, will result in the ultimate death of a factory.
If you are struggling to keep on top of the changes, or are actually doing well and just want some solid advice on expansion, we have everything you need.

    We deal with all aspects of sugarcane, sugar beet and raw sugar refining.

  • Sugar factory principles
  • Sugar factory practices
  • Sugar process technology (cane, beet and refining)
  • Cane, beet and raw sugar handling and preparation
  • Diffusion, milling and imbibition
  • Juice weighing, heating, clarification and filtration
  • Evaporation
  • Massecuite: pan boiling, crystallisation and exhaustibility
  • Sugar: centrifugals, quality and refining
  • Sugar chemistry
  • Analysis of sugar and sugar products
  • Boiler water analysis
  • Laboratory equipment and maintenance
  • Energy: steam production and electrical generation
  • Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and automation
  • Maintenance
  • Allied projects: ethanol, animal feed, distillery, fertilizer
  • Composition and treatment of effluents and other wastes from the sugar industry

Whether it’s a little advice, a consultation or full design and plant manufacturing you require, we’re here to get on with it as soon as you need us to.