Equipment Manufacturing & Technology

Complete plants for cane, beet and refining sugar

Meeting the demands of sugar factories at every level

Sudeco International designs and builds the equipment you need to process cane, beet, and refine sugar efficiently.

We do this by offering leading edge technologies and modern production techniques that maximise the efficiency of your plant and guarantee profitability.

Our wealth of experience in sugar factory processing means that you benefit from our extensive range of services, including: design, manufacture, planning, installation, training, spare parts and, of course, outstanding maintenance and support.

Whatever your project requirements

If you need further advice regarding an operational set up, we are ready to offer you a full consultation. But regardless of what your project requirements might be, we adhere to a strict checklist of processes which has helped to secure our universal reputation.

Exceptional quality control

Stage inspection during the course of manufacture and assembly is by far the most important element of good quality control. Along with our exceptional attention to health and safety procedures, we implement thorough due diligence on every aspect of a project.

This includes inspection surveys, vendor ratings and operating in accordance with the laws and regulations of a project’s respective country.

    Our equipment manufacturing provides…

  • The highest sugar quality
  • Exceptional pollution control
  • Low production costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • Highest safety levels
  • Maximum return on investment
  • Certified testing and inspection

Keeping costs down

A worldwide purchasing capacity and strategic global logistics networks enable us to reduce our overheads enormously and keep our prices low. There’s no compromise on quality, it’s just that we believe that implementing the most effective management practices is the obvious step in running any successful business.

Our ability to project manage so efficiently means that we’ve been instrumental in making our clients vast sums of money.

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