Greenfield Opportunities

A low risk solution

What is a Greenfield turnkey investment project?

Greenfield is the term we use to describe a complete business solution for the refining of sugarcane and sugar beet. It’s an option that starts right from the very beginning, well before any sugar is actually produced, and we can take care of every single step.

You have obviously done your homework and found out what the industry has to offer and are now in the process of deciding whether this is an investment opportunity that’s right for you.

We’re currently expanding our global footprint and are happy to engage in joint venture models. As our partner you will benefit from our existing ‘in-house’ design, consultancy and equipment manufacturing processes, as well as being at the forefront of technological advances within the industry. Your association with us virtually guarantees your success.

    We plan, we build and we sell. It’s the complete solution.

  • Complete ‘up and running’ operations
  • On time, on budget
  • Low project costs
  • Modular and expandable infrastructures
  • Funding and investment capital
  • Domestic and international marketing
  • Significantly higher return on investment

Efficient structuring of a Greenfield project requires more than just the installation of plant equipment. It needs an experienced team to meet the challenges such an undertaking creates.

We provide a full, 360 degree service, all managed by one single point of contact. The natural process is to start with a consultation, moving on to planning, then designing, right up to full documentation, training, maintenance and even upgrade planning.

There is no part of the process that we don’t understand and in many cases we have made great waves within the industry through our diligent approach and advanced technological equipment manufacturing.

Maximising profit

We never forget that our clients come to us for our ability to make them money and to ensure that their investment is safe. At the same time, we constantly think of ways to reduce the negative impact that agricultural manufacturing can bring and, in turn, go even further to make our clients’ reputations that much more respected by their peers.

The demand for sugar will never decrease. Make sure you take advantage without taking on the pitfalls. Contact us today to get the ball rolling.