Social Responsibility

Putting people and their environment first

With all of our operations, but especially with Greenfield projects, we lay great importance on social development. The participation of local individuals and organisations is essential to the longevity of a fully operational sugar factory or refinery.

We make sure that from the outset mechanisms are in place to be able to listen to the concerns and needs of the local community as a whole. And when setting up projects in rural locations, we ensure that there are schools, hospitals, shops and essential services to support such a structure and provide people with a lasting legacy.

We effectively reach out to the people and consider them as our first resource, providing employment, commercial opportunities and community sustainability.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy provides all of our staff members with a clear framework on how to do business responsibly and enables us to have a positive impact on those with whom we interact. In turn, this helps us to become a better employer, contractor and member of the community.

    Here is a summary of our CSR Policy

    Health and safety

  • Fully comply with the health and safety laws of the jurisdiction in which we operate
  • Closely monitor activities and exceed that which is legally required from us
  • Work consistently to develop better ways to improve and develop new procedures

    Our environment

  • Fully comply with all legislation
  • Reduce use of non-sustainable resources
  • Minimise waste and innovate new recycling techniques
  • Educate and train our business partners to do the same
  • Standardise design processes

    Our clients

  • Maintain personal contact and be consistent with whom they deal with
  • Be realistic and honest when making commitments
  • Provide fast response to their needs and enquiries
  • Ensure they feel fully included with clearly designed strategies and objectives

    Our employees

  • Comply with all employment laws and protocols
  • Treat every team member with the utmost respect
  • Encourage, support and develop team members to achieve their goals
  • Recognise achievement, provide incentives and reward staff

    Our supply chain

  • Maintain dialogue and keep suppliers abreast of changes
  • Regularly review our partnerships at board level
  • Ensure fair treatment and respect is given when working on site
  • Establish relationships for the long-term by committing to work streams


  • Provide a dedicated Community Investment Team
  • Encourage staff and supply chains to be active within the community
  • Be a good and conscientious neighbour while our work is in progress
  • Support initiatives and provide a lasting legacy

    Our business

  • Comply with all relevant legislation and regulatory requirements
  • Embrace best practice in Corporate Governance
  • Strategically manage risk to the business and its associates
  • Ensure sustainability for the business and the people it employs

If you would like to learn more about how we look after the projects we’re involved with and the people it affects don’t hesitate to contact us.