Public Private Partnership

From farm to market

One of the most exciting developments to happen in the industry in recent years is the introduction of PPPs. They provide improved connectivity between growers and markets, wider access to technology and the opportunity to share costs and optimise investment decisions.

Our global experience and local knowledge is called upon by governments to help shape their policies, develop advanced frameworks and help to implement PPPs. Our solutions fund expansion and modernisation of Brownfield projects, integration of by-product facilities and Greenfield developments.

    Here is a summary of the advantages PPP offers

  • Speedy and affordable completion of projects
  • Access to a superior level of private sector skills
  • Private sector injects capital and bears lifecycle cost risk
  • Risks allocated in accordance with those sectors best placed to absorb them
  • Off balance sheet transactions
  • Skills development

PPPs are fast becoming accepted as a viable means of procuring and delivering the required modernisation of the development of new sugar.

They create a virtuous cycle of mutual benefit for all concerned and, in particular, private sector entities which are usually seen as sole benefactors and not as beneficiaries. Public sector takes care of the agriculture component while the private sector takes on the industrial component.

We believe they offer a smart alternative to traditional procurement methods and would like to see the public and private sectors doing more business together in this way. Delivering the PPP promise means delivering solutions that fund new developments and modernise existing ones.

If you would like to know more about PPPs or to find out how we can help you become successful in this industry, get in touch today.